Rich Internet Application

Rich Internet applications are Web applications with the features and functionality of desktop applications. Alight Infotech developed rich Internet applications in the field of RIA development, which has a desktop application features and functions of the demand.

Rich Internet Application Platforms

  • Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime),Adobe Flash
  • Backbase
  • Curl
  • Google Web Toolkit (GWT) Framework
  • JAVA Applets
  • JavaScript/AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
  • Microsoft Activex Controls
  • Microsoft Silverlight

Benefits of Rich Internet Applications

  • Provide a richer, more engaging experience, beyond basic HTML, to the user
  • Users can use any computer program with the help of the Internet
  • Automatic upgrades / updates to the new version
  • Improve customer loyalty, and generate high profits
  • More responsive than standard web browsers that must always interact with a remote server
  • Consistent regardless of the operating system