Business Intelligence

Improve visibility, optimize information assets and drive strategic decision across your enterprise...

Key decision makers in every enterprise need to have access to the right information at the right time. However, with the growing complexities like unstructured data formats, heterogeneous information silos and poor data quality prevent enterprises from utilizing the information effectively for their business needs.

Alight Infotech helps address these challenges by providing end-to-end Business Intelligence solutions. We facilitate big and small enterprises across the globe predict, capture, analyze and present information in the right manner ensuring effective decision making which ultimately results in improved business performances.

At Alight, we have proven expertise, tools and methodologies to implement and integrate best-of-the-breed BI solutions from leading vendors ensuring a unique fit for client’s business, strategic and technical requirements.


  • BI Standardization and Continuous Improvement
  • Best Practices and Shared knowledge base
  • Business Analytics and Technology Selection
  • Information Quality
  • Cross-functional Activities
  • Project and Portfolio Management